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Five Star Rating

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2 inches in 1 month!

Five Star Rating

I just want to say thank you so much for my transformation! Your hot chocolate has helped my hair grow 2 inches in the first month! -

Lauren Brown

I am in LOVE!

Five Star Rating

I am in love with Cocoa Locks! I just finished up my 3 month program and my hair is longer, stronger and my hair grew 5 inches in the first 2 months!

Abbie Fitzpatrick

So effective in a short amount of time

Five Star Rating

I didn't think anything could help my hair grown -NOTHING worked - BUT COCOA LOCKS WORKED! My hair grew 2 inches in the first month. I am now officially a fan! I've been using them since March and its amazing my hair has more body, is thicker and my hairdresser has most definitely noticed the change in my hair!

Lauren Gibbons, Flint

I'm so happy!!!

Five Star Rating

Was skeptical at first of these because it always seems nothing works for my thick, course, chemically treated, dyed hair, growth wise. Ordered a one month package at first and instantly purchased the 3 month pack after the first week, it was that obvious how much shinier and healthier my hair was. Friends & family have even started asking what I'm doing different to it, and I point them here every time. My hair has always looked fab (duh!) but now it's way more fab than I'd ever imagine it to be - thanks Cocoa locks! #1 customer.

Lacey Bryant, Essex

Five Star Rating

I started drinking cocoa locks after I was taking medicine for my acne and it made my hair very weak and it didn't grow much. After I started with these, my hair has grown beautifully and it's so soft and shiny and back to being thick again, I couldn't be happier with the results !

Teri Jones, Manchester

Five Star Rating

I just got my 3 month supply for christmas and I love what they have done for my hair! It tastes so good and my hair grew 5 inches in 2 months! It seems to be shiner and more thick when I put it in a pony tail! I also noticed my baby hairs are longer and my curls are tighter too... before it was damaged and would not curl much. Love it!

Abbie Gerrard, Leeds

Five Star Rating

This product was extremely pricey in my opinion but worth it.It has been by for my fav hair product ever. I hate swallowing pills and this is tasty and some thing i look forward to drinking every day. Bonus its hot chocolate and amazing for nails too.I have seen a real improvements in my hair and nails they both feel and look healthier than ever.Thanks Cocoa locks!

Jodi Heath, Newcastle

Five Star Rating

I cannot rave enough about these vitamins! My hair was falling out so bad i literally thought i was going bald. So i decided to try this hot chocolate as a lot of people were raving about cocoa locks- I thought there was no harm in trying them. Within a week my hair wasn't falling out in clumps only little amounts, and when i ran my fingers through my hair i would only a few strands falling out as opposed to hair in bunches in my hands. I will continue to purchase this yummy drink!

Beckie Hughes, Warwick

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*Results may vary from person to person.


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*Results may vary from person to person.

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*Results may vary from person to person.