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Cocoa Locks™

Hot Chocolate Hair Growth Program - BBE 31.07.2024

Hot Chocolate Hair Growth Program - BBE 31.07.2024

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 *Note: This is our last bit of stock until the next order arrives! It's got a Best Before End date of 31 July 2024 but as it is an ambient, dry, powdered product it does not have an expiry date. That means the stock is very likely just as tasty and effective for much longer than the BBE indicates. For more info about BBE dates (and why the UK government might phase them out completely to reduce food waste see here:

Our Hot Chocolate hair formula is a daily remedy to repair, rebuild, grow and strengthen your hair. It is infused with essential hair vitamins & minerals to ensure that you can achieve that celebrity shine with just one Hot Chocolate a day!

Cocoa Locks delicious Hot Chocolate formula is vegetarian, gluten free and cruelty free and only 26 Kcal per serving. So, you can get all the benefits without the guilt.

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